It's a great time to hire a freelance copywriter

People’s first impression of your business, your brand and your voice often comes from your copy either on your website, newsletters, social media posts, videos, press releases, flyers etc. Great visuals go hand in hand with great copy, but at a fundamental level, it’s all about the words.

Not every company or owner is great with words – yet great copy can light a fire for every sort of business.

Here are some reasons why big businesses and small ones can and should consider outsourcing writing copy to a professional freelance writer.

As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats – it’s likely that with all the tasks, responsibilities and jobs you have to keep on top of every day, writing copy for your business is the thing that keeps getting pushed down the list. I talked with a colleague recently who said that the administrative assistant/receptionist in their office kept getting ‘hand-balled’ the monthly newsletter to send to a very large client database. This was a job they weren’t skilled at, had no time for and one that loaded huge extra stress on them. Crafting engaging and relevant copy for clients (in any business) is something that takes time, care and skill (plus a level of expertise in mail server providers) and is not something that should be offloaded to junior staff as a last resort.

Hiring freelancers saves money and time

In small, as in large businesses, hiring freelancers on set projects for set periods at pre-determined budgets saves MONEY, TIME, aggravation and may keep your full-time staff happier!

For starters, you don’t have to worry about any of those employee extras and benefits – holiday pay, sick leave, ACC, Kiwisaver and all the other expenses that go with hiring full-time staff. If you’re maintaining expensive office space, you don’t have to provide a desk, access to the staff kitchen, tea, coffee... or loo paper --------->

Get your copy on time, every time

Freelance writers live and die by their deadlines. If you need copy by Tuesday – chances are it will be there Monday (in plenty of time for client reviews and checks). And once the task is finished, your obligation to your hired gun ends - until the next time you need their services.

Hire an expert in your field

Even as a niche business, with a specific product or target market – there will be an expert writer out there for you. Not every writer can write technical blogs or accurate legal jargon, but chances are one freelance writer will know and can recommend someone from their network to get the job done.

Plan your content

If you don’t know where to start with content or copy anywhere in your business, a professional writer can get a content calendar up and running, enabling you to publish more frequently with engaging messaging. As content creators, it’s our job to come up with content that ‘gets’ your brand and speaks to your customers in your voice.

But I already have's ok, right?

You don’t have to commit to starting anew either – a copywriter can take your older, existing content and make it better; update it, offer new perspectives, spell-check it, edit and spell-check again. If copy is old, we can add in SEO optimised and well researched writing to really help boost your traffic.

Hiring a great writer is not a life-long commitment! Mostly, you’ll only hire a content writer to handle specific projects. However, as your communications improve, you might discover you just can’t live without us. Need some words? Get in touch today.

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