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I always enjoy Instagram pages such as @faces_in_things which share pics where everyday objects and items appear to have a face.

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Image courtesy of @faces_in_things

See my own ‘bear face in a baked loaf’ pic below and you will get the gist of what I mean.

Did you know, when you see faces in things, it has a name – Pareidolia; a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus.

Pareidolia is but one example of the mind making a creative leap to ask ‘what else’ and is a great tool to spark a cascade of creative action. When my children were younger, we used to go on walks and would choose random landmarks or geographic features and describe them as something else. For example, a neat row of trees dotted across a hill turned into 'buttons marching up the front of a cardigan'.

I picked up this broken shell recently, a mysterious pattern on its underside now exposed to the ocean and the elements.

I imagined this was a secret language, a note left there by an ancient sea-creature; or a Sanskrit message from a civilisation somewhere across the seas.

There are exciting and fun visual cues all around you to stimulate your imagination.

What do 'dangerous trees' conjure up for you? Maybe these trees are a gang of reckless teenagers, ready to pelt conkers at you if you dare to walk past...

Sparking creativity is fun; once you start using your imagination to see things in different ways it is hard to stop. Look around you now and create a new story for something you look at every day.

Keep practicing!

It all comes back to the words.

Until next time, Steph

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